Why is Dil Chahta Hai my favourite film?

Dil Chahta Hai never fails to cheer me up. It manages to melt my heart to this very day.

If there ever was a film that defined an entire generation, it was and will be Dil Chahta Hai. The film has intangibly touched a billion hearts with its soulful and foot-tapping music. The boisterous friendship is glorified by terrific performances and even better character arcs. Every beat, every plot is driven organically and seamlessly. For me, it was a film that made more sense today than ever. Since I turned 25 this year, the journey of three friends and in my case three cousins meant more about personal endeavours than professional ones. We have all ventured out on different levels and it now feels like different worlds. We were more than cousins, we were friends and for a significant part, we were each other’s biggest confidants. Sid, Sameer and Akash too were less of friends more of each others’ cheerleaders. When in doubt they all came to each other’s rescue. Sameer was meant to bring comic relief, Sid was the silent artist and Akash was the charmer. Dil Chahta Hai has survived the testament of time when most commercial films failed to remain relevant. 90s Bollywood was slapstick and was mostly about potboilers with occasional gems like Andaaz Apna Apna. Elements like sing-song technique was reintroduced through the film. Sameer to this very day lights up a dull day like no one could. Kanan Gill or a Kenny Sebastian would resemble a Sameer of today. Sid was the quietest of the lot, he expressed more through his eyes than his speech. But my sole disappointment remains that they had to find him someone in the end. An end doesn’t necessarily need a partner but it does need a partner in crime, by this I mean friends. Akash, the college hunk is the ultimate man-child of the story(Ranbir Kapoor in every film). He needs a woman to make him grow up, to make him see the true meaning of love. In the theatre scene, where he finally understands what is love because he now knows who he loves. Love for me is about nostalgia and every scene of this film is soaked with that feeling. I associate my friendships with my cousins, that sheer joy of saying ‘Cheers’ over a cup of tea or over that sweet and sour golgappa. Cafes have replaced malls, chat-rooms are a thing of past too. Now you are just a click away from finding a friend or a match. Dil Chahta Hai was before Orkut or Facebook, it was a different era. A time where dreams were harbored, most of our pop-culture icons come from the time. Now in this generation we are already living our dreams. A teenager in 2000s must be a parent now and I really wonder what sort of a rebellion would he or she face from his or her kids. Rebellion now must be limited to that much needed Goa trip(since we are still desi parents), Everything in between has changed. Dil Chahta Hai for me is that Goa trip which I skipped and my friends took. That might just be a sign of rebellion to a millennial of 2020.

Published by Meghna Sen

I am largely a film nerd and a passionate reviewer of cinema. I also work as a freelance content writer. You can find me at YourQuote, Isrg Rajan KB and Storymirror. I am also at YourStoryClub and Hubpages under the name Siddhart Bakshi.

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