Oscar vs Filmfare

Sadly Filmfare has always remained a poor cousin of the Oscar. It is still to get its due credit.

Oscars or the Academy Awards has a long-standing history of supporting author-backed roles. Every Patriotic hue is celebrated and is a perfect example of an Oscar fodder. Filmfare is considered to be a poor cousin of the Oscars. An Oscar nod ensues a flurry of congratulatory messages. In India, original ideas find more footing and recent years female directors have made a dent in the glass ceiling not yet broken it. Back in 2014, Queen was chosen as the best film. A female-driven story led by the superb Kangana Ranaut. She actually became a household name after the film broke several records. Then there was Gauri Shinde who started it all by making English Vinglish. For the first time, a female vision was so successful commercially. But Oscars has been the polar opposite. It hasn’t been forthcoming in celebrating a female director helming project. Sophia Cappola missed the bus twice. Hopefully, Greta Gerwig wins it someday.

Published by Meghna Sen

I am largely a film nerd and a passionate reviewer of cinema. I also work as a freelance content writer. You can find me at YourQuote, Isrg Rajan KB and Storymirror. I am also at YourStoryClub and Hubpages under the name Siddhart Bakshi.

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