Why is Delhi-6 an important film?

Delhi 6 never fails to captivate and amuse with its intrinsic tales.

Delhi-6 reeks of sheer nostalgia and a sense of melancholy that lingers on. The tantalizing scent of etar or perfume fills up the closed space, the over-powering smell from the spice markets of Khari Baoli or claustrophobia of Chandni Chowk are all used as props in the film. Delhi-6 forms a sun-set so rare and real that is bound to grip you with its magic. The film didn’t find many takers upon its release, but for me it is a little gem. The internal and eternal dilemma of belonging that Roshan faces is so universal yet rooted. A confused desi who lands at the heart of Delhi only to reconnect with what he has lost. Bittu, on the other hand is an aspirational Indian who wants to make it big in the singing world. Chandni Chowk as the background makes it a picture-perfect storyboard to tell stories. Every character represents a certain part of the Indian milieu. The conflicts formed are a regular part and parcel of our lives. Delhi as a city is somewhat frozen in time with its socio-political positioning finding favour with most kings and later politicians. It is a masterstroke by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra to choose it as his setting. But there is too much stuffed together, there are too many characters to be developed, too many stories to be told and too many conflicts to be solved. The kala bandar of the plot in my opinion caters and questions our insecurities and our prejudices. We end up killing an innocent for the sake of finding a solution. Atul Kulkarni’s character is the stand out one. He teaches us the importance of being stupid in a world populated by very smart individuals. The music moulds and structures the film accordingly. The maestro that is A.R.Rehman has actually done a miracle with this film. All the songs will find themselves in the musical history of India. ‘Rehna Tu’ is my favourite song, it matters that it is penned by Prasun Joshi who has caught the essence of the film spot on. It has happened twice now that A.R.Rehman’s music has exceeded the very film itself. One is Delhi-6 and the other is Rockstar. A word about Sonam Kapoor that she was refreshing as a new face. Delhi-6 for me looked apart from most Bollywood films and looked within to delve deeper into the psyche of the society.

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