Why Binnu ka Sapna is a standout short?

Violence is a recurring theme in both the films directed by Kanu Behl. Titli, that spoke of the dysfunctional status of a north Indian family and the politics surrounding it. Here, too the protagonist goes through similar mental turbulence that slowly, sucks him into the world of violence. In this gun-wielding big-bad world of Delhi, the protagonist suffers certain claustrophobia inside out. When his two worlds collide and he suffers from the internal dilemma, he coils into his shell. His own personal life is nothing short of hell which turns him towards crime. His regular encounters with a girl come off as respite. Sepia-infused tone gives it a sedative-like texture, the kind that eludes realism. Violence here engages with his life and encircles it. Its a personification of the dysfunctional, still existent within the four walls of his house. Since the protagonist is educated, he initially questions his surroundings, but later surrenders to it. His reluctance shows in his way of communication. He is no longer wrapped in naivety nor is he a complete monster. His dreadful real-life experiences bound him but they also push him to the edge. He too draws parallels from his upbringing. He isn’t much different from what or who he refused to become.

Published by Meghna Sen

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