Is Varun Dhawan the new Govinda?

Varun Dhawan full image

While dissecting a character in a film we usually find the actor reacting rather than a character emoting. Every manoeuvre is structured and designed to suit the narrative, yet Hindi cinema has a place cut out specifically for heroes. Some are style icons, others are dancing icons, but there are only a few that are a combination of both of these. Govinda for long stood on that pedestal, he was a smooth-talker, a slick dancer and had a swag of his own. His cinematic turns brought a smile to your face and you also idolized him for his image. I find a very similar trait in Varun Dhawan. For a generation that is constantly breaking new grounds with its cinema, Varun Dhawan is an out-an-out commercial star, yet he shows range and restraint in the off-beat space. He too oozes a certain charm, has great moves and is the solo hero for the Dhawan family. David Dhawan the man who made us chuckle in the 90s took a lot of risks when it came to finding the main man for his films. His son moulded himself accordingly to become the Govinda of this generation. But putting him on that high place is justified, as he has proven himself time and again. With his comic turns and brilliant dancing skills he has made a special place in the hearts of children. Even with a film like October, he was very sincere and the realistic background suited his acting chops. With the new crop rather breed of actors looking to teach and entertain at the same time, Varun wants to make us laugh which is rare in today’s world.

Published by Meghna Sen

I am largely a film nerd and a passionate reviewer of cinema. I also work as a freelance content writer. You can find me at YourQuote, Isrg Rajan KB and Storymirror. I am also at YourStoryClub and Hubpages under the name Siddhart Bakshi.

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