How Kapoor and Sons got its gay character right?

Kapoor and Sons poster

Kapoor and Sons released in 2016 a remarkable year for Hindi cinema and especially Alia Bhatt

It was 2016 and the world was waking up to the charisma of Fawad Khan. Fawad Khan plays a matured man with a baritone to please. He is truly an epitome of classic beauty. A gay character in a Hindi film is usually caricaturish and very very one-note. Here for a change there is character building, character arc and an entire projectile graph of the character. For once there was a character who wasn’t superficial and flimsy though there was a thin layer of conventionality. He had to live in New York and be a successful writer. Kapoor and Sons had a touch of reality rarely seen in Bollywood movies. The film is about two brothers and a family feud in the middle.

Kapoor and Sons was a brave attempt and successful in its portrayal of a homosexual character. That apart the film highlights pressing issues that surface when a family reconciles. The masterful craftsman that Shakun Batra is, the frames didn’t look any less perfect. The affluent lives that they live also has an air of deficiency. The characters belong to a middle class diaspora but their space and careers don’t seem demanding at all. That is my only complaint with the film. Coming back to Fawad and his character nowhere does he loose his dignity nor does the film.

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