The City of Mirzapur

As far as streaming platforms are concerned, they offer an open platform to let emotions go berserk, there is no sense of confinement. There is hardly what we call restraint. Most of them are cut from the same cloth as Gangs of Wasseypur. All of them follow a similar template that then goes on to establish a narrative. Mirzapur at heart is about a crime lord and goons taking over the reins of a town. It serves their purpose that it is located in the midst of the badlands.

The town personifies the crime world much like the Gotham city in Batman. Gotham is a city that reeks of violence and blood thirst. Mirzapur in a way warps around a blanket to hide its crimes, but they are too obvious and evident. Mirzapur bows to its gangsters and protects them too. Kaleen Bhaiyya has been running its drug cartel under the garb of a carpet business. He is been aided by the law. Mirzapur no longer retains its former character.

Mirzapur is populated by characters who seek vengeance to prove their worth. The characters are subdued to a point where they feel the need to take over. They rise from the ashes to kill and avenge themselves. Mirzapur 2 particularly proves to be the resurgence and revival of Guddu Bhaiyya, his rise was unprecedented in the previous season. In this season, he literally rises from death to claim what is the undisputed throne of Mirzapur.

The world of Mirzapur is a little half-baked. But in the second season the drama catches on, this time around it is a well strewn gravy.

Every character in the series speaks a tongue that has slowly become a millennial lingo. All the actors deserve an applause or two. The characters in Mirzapur get killed off as soon as you begin to resent or heart them. In Game of Thrones you would find that satisfying but here it feels tiresome.

Published by Meghna Sen

I am largely a film nerd and a passionate reviewer of cinema. I also work as a freelance content writer. You can find me at YourQuote, Isrg Rajan KB and Storymirror. I am also at YourStoryClub and Hubpages under the name Siddhart Bakshi.

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